Intelligent Fluid Solutions

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Intelligent Fluid Solutions
Ngày đăng: 05/05/2022 02:09 PM

Beyond the Traditional Variable Speed Value
Armstrong Design Envelope products fusion of four unique core competencies, Fluid flow, Demand-based control, Heat transfer and Variable speed. Bring lower costs for customers,
including initial installation cost and life cycle cost. All DE products gives you:
- Reduced design risk
- Reduced operating and regulatory risk
- Excellent energy and environmental performance
- Lasting occupant comfort
Armstrong Design Envelope Technology based equipment is smaller and easier to install. Both physically smaller, and often the electrical rating is smaller. This provides lowest installed first cost advantage, utilizes less energy at part load, and is easier to maintain, which also results in lowest life cost. The integrated demand based control intelligence allows the equipment capacity to be flexible and adaptable through electronic calibration as opposed to mechanical adjustments. This results in lower risk and produces output geared to the occupants’ exact requirement resulting in increased occupant comfort.

Design Envelope — Integrated Capabilities

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