Vertical multistage stainless steel centrifugal pump

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Vertical multistage stainless steel centrifugal pump

VDROO Series

Pump VDROO is a kind of vertical non-self priming multistage centrifugal pump, wich is driven by a standard electric motor. The motor output shaft directly connects with the pump shaft through a coupling. The pressure-resistant cylinder and flow passage components are fixed between pump head and inlet&outlet section with stay bolts. The inlet and outlet are located at the pump bottom at the same plane. This kind of pump can be equipped with an intelligent protector to effectively prevent it from dry-running, outof-phase and overload.


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VDROO Series

VF/VX/VN/VD - Vertical multistage stainless steelcentrifugal pump

Vertical multistage in-line centrifugal pumps made in Stainless Steel. Standard totally enclosed, fan cooled, insulation class F, IP 55 motors. Single phase motors up to 2,2 kW. WRAS / ACS certified.
VF version: hydraulic part in AISI304 SS, pump inlet/outlet made in cast iron.
VX/VN version: whole pumps available in AISI304 or AISI316L.
VD version: hydraulic part in AISI904 /SS2205.

Performance range
Capacity: Q up to 240 m3/h
Head: H up to 305 m
Temperature: T up to 180 ºC
Speed: n 2900 RPM
Power: P up to 110 kW

Standard material
All the parts in contact with liquid made of 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel on request. The pump head and suction & discharge can be made of cast iron on request too.

— Cooling water system
— Municipal water supply and boosting
— Domestic water supply
— Irrigation
— General industrial services
— Washing plants
— Boiler feed and condensate  system
— Water treatment

VDROO is a kind of multifunctional products. It can be used to convey various medium from tap water to industrial liquid at different temperature and with different flow rate and pressure. VF type is applicable to conveying non-corrosive liquid, while VX,VN is suitable for slightly corrosive liquid.
–Water supply: Water filter and transport in waterworks boosting of main pipeline, boosting in high-rise buildings.
–Industrial boosting: process flow watersystem, cleaning system, high-pressure washing system, fire fighting system.
– Industrial liquid conveying: Cooling and air-conditioning system, boiler water supply and condensing system, machine-associated purpose, acids and alkali.
–Water treatment: Ultra filtration system, reverse osmosis system distillation system, separator, swimming pool.
–Irrigation : Farmland irrigation, spray  irrigation, dripping irrigation.

Operation conditions
– Thin, clean, non-flammable and nonexplosive liquid containing no solid granules and fibers.
– Liquid temperature: -15ºC +120ºC
– Ambient temperature: up to +40ºC
– Altitude: up to 1000m

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