LS Vertical Turbine Pumps

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LS Vertical Turbine Pumps

Hydroo Pump Industries SL is an enterprise specialised in the research, development and large-scale production of Stainless Steel centrifugal pumps. We have a vertical integration of the production processes, standing out stamping, welding and motor wiring in 6 value centers and production units. All of them with a high performance management on pump engineering and productionquality.

HYDROO has set up a wide range of pumping solutions for many applications as building services, industry, irrigation and industrial process. Customers enjoy of the highest performance in booster sets and pressurization, firefighting sets, pumping of underground water, HVAC, drainage and sewage, utilities, desalination and OEM integrations. Versions in 50 Hz and 60 Hz are available, as well as any modification on materials, on request.

Global water challenges require excellence in pumping technologies and close cooperation between pump designers, manufacturers and pump engineers. In order to better meet the customers’ needs and requirements our company is facing an expansion of its operations worldwide, providing timely and effective services in more than 30 countries. With tight relationships in many regions, we’re proud to introduce a new regional value center for Europe. We are based near Barcelona at the Girona industrial area. Hydroo is a trademark to forge excellent and successful business relationships with our value customers by means of an operative assembling unit and an application engineering unit. HYDROO trademark wants to symbolize the firm commitment for a high level service to our value partners.

At Hydroo we bet on a high level service to our value pump partners.


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LS Vertical Turbine Pumps

The 4 different model vertical turbine pumps have one thing in common the hydraulic design of the pump bowl assembly. Using a new techniques in turbine pump design. It covers a wide range of hydraulic conditions to meet virtually every pumping service with optimum efficiency. Hydroo flexibility of design allows the use of a wide range of material and design features to meet the custom requirements of user. No matter what the requirements, whether low first cost, ease of maintenance, optimum efficiency. Tough service conditions, CNP can make the pump to best satisfy the requirements.
- LSC Centrifugal or mixed-flow pump for high pressure
- LSM Mixed-flow pump for high flow and middle pressure
- LSA Axial-flow pump for high flow low pressure
- LSG Pump for fire and marine gear box engine driven

Standard Design Features of LS

The bowl assembly is the heart of the LS. The impeller and diffuser type casing are designed to deliver the head and capacity that your system requires in the most efficient way possible. The fact that the ls can be multi—staged allows maximum flexibility both in the initial pump selection and in the event that future system modifications require a change in the pump rating. Submerged impellers allow pump to be started without priming.
A variety material options allows the selection of a pump best suited for even the most severe services. The many bowl assembly options available assure that the LS satisfies the user’ s need for safe, efficient, reliable and maintenance—free operation.

1.Strainers: 316SS Basket strainers to provide protection from large solids.

2.Suction bell: Allows smooth entry of liquid into impeller eye, minimizes vortex formation. Scotchkote custom fusion bonded epoxy coating inside.

3.Suction bell bearing: Provided for shaft stability.

4.Sand collar: Prevents solids from entering suction bearing.

5.Impeller: Hydraulic balancing to reduce axial down thrust and achieve long thrust bearing
life. Dynamic balancing of impellers are available.

6.Pump shaft: Heavy duty, 416SS standard, other alloys for strength and corrosion resistance. Hollow pump shaft with flushing hole special for bearing flushing on corrosive/abrasive services.

7.Diffuser bowl: Available in variety of cast material. Scotchkote custom fusion bonded epoxy coating inside to improved the efficiency and longer life. Registered fits assure positive alignment, ease of maintenance.

8.Sleeve type bearing: Provided at each stage to assure stable operation away from critical speed.

9.Wear rings: Dual wear rings for enclosed impellers and bowls, permits re—establishing initial running clearances and efficiency at lower cost. Hard facing of wear surface available for longer life. Wear ring can be flushed when solids are present in the pumping liquid.

10.Keyed impeller: Keyed impeller for all the pumps, suitable for pumping liquid in high temperatures. Keyed impellers provide ease if maintenance and positive locking under fluctuating load and temperature conditions.

11.Flanged column: Heavy duty seamless column pipe sections are provided with flanged ends incorporating registered fits for ease of alignment during assembly.
12.Lineshaft and coupling: 

a.Open lineshaft Flanges column/product lubricated lineshaft is recommended for ease of maintenance or whenever a special bearing material is required. Precision keyed lineshaft coupling available in all sizes for ease of maintenance. Various bearing material available. Renewableshaft sleeve or hard facing of shaft available for longer life.
b.Enclosed lineshaft: The lineshaft is protected by water flushing tube, flushing water for bearing and wear ring on corrosive/abrasive services.

13.Bearing retainer and lineshaft bearing: Ductile cast iron bearing retainer for size smaller that 24” .Various bearing material available.

14.Discharge head and motor riser: Discharge head and motor riser designed for all modes of drivers including hollow shaft or solid shaft motors, right angle gears, vertical steam turbines, etc. Fabricated elbow discharge head engineered to minimize losses. Large access holes provide easy access to coupling and stuffing box. Above ground and below ground discharge head for requirement.

15.Thrust bearing: Oil lubricated thrust bearing assembly set with water cooling system make the pumps running safely in longer life 16.Packing box Whenever packing lubrication leakage can be tolerated and the discharge pressure does not exceed 300psi, a packed box may be used. Optional headshaft sleeve available to protect shaft.

17.Coupling for pump and motor: Flexible coupling for pump and motor when pump with thrust bearing. impeller adjustment by the nut on the top shaft.


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